Naturopathic Doctor Application

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The following outlines general license information.

A. Application Fee:

Application: $500.00

License Fee Origination: $50.00

North Dakota has a 2-year licensing cycle that expires December 31st in each odd numbered year.  First time applicants must pay a $500 licensing fee, prorated for the licensing cycle, plus a one-time $50 application fee.

B. Education Requirements:

Graduation from an approved CNME accredited naturopathic school which requires at a minimum a 4-year, full time resident program of academic and clinical study.  

C. Examination Information:

All applicants must pass the naturopathic physicians licensing examination (NPLEX) administered by the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners (NABNE). The NPLEX sections required by the Board are the NPLEX Part I - Biomedical Science Examination and Part II - Core Clinical Science Examination. North Dakota does not administer NPLEX exams; applicants should take them wherever possible.  A jurisprudence seminar will be required for new licensees once developed by the NDBIHC.

D. Continuing Education Requirements:

As of January 1st, 2012 North Dakota requires that naturopathic doctors maintain forty total CE credits per biennial licensing cycle, of the forty credits, five must be pharmacy.  It is the licensee’s responsibility to keep abreast of any changes and updates to North Dakota State laws and licensing requirements.  Credits must meet ND BIHC approval.  Examples include credits offered through the AANP, AANP state affiliates, and regionally accredited/DOE recognized Universities and Colleges.  Compliance is verified by random audit. 

E. License Renewal:

The license renewal fee is $400.  Licenses must be renewed by December 31st, of the odd numbered year.  A license that has not been renewed by December 31st in an odd-numbered year is a lapsed license and requires a license renewal application, a new completed application form, the renewal fee, plus a late fee of $75. Proof of appropriate continuing education hours must be presented.

Once a license has lapsed, the person who held the lapsed license may not practice naturopathic medicine or use a title reserved under state law for individuals who are licensed by the board until a new license is issued. A person whose license has lapsed but who continues to practice naturopathic medicine or use a restricted title violates state law.  Such a violation is grounds for denying an application by the former licensee for renewal of the lapsed license or for a new license.

F. License by Endorsement
If you are currently licensed by another state, you may choose the license by endorsement process to expedite your North Dakota license.  This process does not apply to new graduates or those applicants that have never been licensed.  The application and fee, license origination fee, and state license verification document must all be submitted to the board.  The application and the license verification documents are provided here for your convenience. 


North Dakota Naturopathic Licensing Law

North Dakota Naturopathic Administrative Rules


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